The Important Documents needed for buying the real estate property in Spain

The Important Documents needed for buying the real estate property in Spain

Real estate procedures like N.I.E, DAFO, Catastro, and Title deed are crucial to know if you are thinking to buy the property in Spain

Prices in Spain have proliferated since 2016, and since the outbreak of the COVID-19 in 2020, the prices have greatly fluctuated. The main factors for buying the Spanish property includes the high capital gains tax, fluctuations in the property market and property scams. Before the pandemic, the governments are imposing the stronger rules around people buying the real estates.

Any person can buy the real estate properties in the Spain, they just need to follow the extra procedures than any resident in the Spain. The real estate has many steps for buying the property but below are some important documents which needs to be follow compulsory.


It is the Foreigners Identification Number i.e., Número de identificación de extranjeros. If you want to purchase the property or live in Spain as a resident and own a property, you need the N.I.E number. Basically it is the tax identification number in the Spain and Spain government links the number with the residence, therefore before purchasing the house, you need the N.I.E number. For applying for the N.I.E, you have to visit the Police Commissariat in Spain with the passport and the application form.


The DAFO is the certificate which certifies the property without any penalty and gives the maximum security to the purchasers. The DAFO is the "Declaration Assimilated out of  Ordination" and the records of the actual date of anything having been built till now both inside and out, and how many years have passed out since the construction. The DAFO is the way to acknowledge the houses in terms of the basic requirements met or not,  such as proper water system, proper sewage or electricity. The certificate has to be presented by the architect or engineer. Once the DAFO is approved, you are authorized to maintain and conserve the property.


It gives the better understanding of the boundaries, the exact location of the property, size & description of the property usually with the location and maps.While you complete the construction or extending the facilities in the house like pool, garage or shed, you have to inform the land registry(Registro de la Propiedad) and catastro about the alteration in the property. It deals about the property where it is located in the maps, size and coordinates of the construction.

Title deed:

The title deed is the transfer of ownership from seller to buyer in the legal documents. The deed of the purchase is transferred in front of the notary. Notaries are Spanish public officials and they publicly test whether both parties have agreed to the transaction or they have just done it for the sake of law. In the signing of the title deed, the vendor transfers the authority of the ownership to the purchaser over the agreed price.

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